• Access to a network of containment and support
  • Guidance on how to deal with the diagnosis received
  • Recommendations and suggestions based on experiences
  • Referrals and interconsultations with medical experts and/or therapists
  • Activities to share experiences and doubts with other families


  • “Skills Development” program, to support adults having a condition and help them to carry out their own entrepreneurship
  • Informational material on inclusion and genetic conditions
  • We accompany families in the process of school inclusion
  • Various social integration activities (Dance Fashion Show, Gymnastics, Cooking Workshop, etc.)


  • Promote the “multiplication” of knowledge about genetic conditions and therapies
  • Attention to referrals and inter-consultations
  • Consolidate an alliance network to support patients and families
  • Interdisciplinary and enriching activities, based on their own activities