Why does it take most families months or even years to get a diagnosis, face it and deal with it?

Confirming a diagnosis requires trained health professionals and special medical test

Accepting and acknowledging the new family situation requires professional mental health intervention and counseling to address the condition

Allocate permanent financial resources for treatment

Assemble a therapeutic and medical team to work in a coordinated manner

Finding an inclusive, effective and affective school is a very complex task

Finding a group of social belonging to share doubts and similar experiences

Between 50% and 60% of diagnosed children present learning problems that require early treatment

1. The evolution of genetic conditions with early approach have a 70% better prognosis than those with late detection

2. 60% of these children will have behavioral problems

3. In 90% of cases, a family that takes on the diagnosis in an active, positive and mentally stable way helps their loved one to have a better quality of life and get the most positive version of the condition they face